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Kia Carens RP (2013-2018) Owners Manual / Features of your vehicle / Wipers and washers / Windshield wipers

When the wiper blade is not in a normal position, place the ignition switch in the ON position. The wiper blade will return to the normal position.

Following are cases a wiper blade may be in an abnormal position.

- The wiper blade may be positioned abnormally when in an automatic vehicle wash. (Ignition switch in the OFF position)
- The wiper blade may be positioned abnormally when moved by force.
- The passenger's side wiper is on top of the driver's side wiper. (Normal position : The driver's side wiper must be on top of the passenger's side wiper.)

When there is a problem with the motor to operate the wiper blades, the wiper blades will stop and activate the Fail Safety Function in the ignition switch ON position or while driving. Fail Safety Function will operate as follows:

- HI or Mode 2 (5 minutes) → LO or Mode 1 (5 minutes) → INT or Mode --- (5 minutes) → OFF or O (Stop)


If wipers do not return to normal position, you should remove the wax, water repellent, oil and other debris into windshield and then check wiper operation again.


After remove the overload condition, if the problem of wiper blades or operating the motor remains, we recommend that the system be checked by an authorized Kia dealer.

❈ Overload condition

- In a rainy day when driving through a long tunnel
- When wax car wash
- Water-repellent coating (coated glass)
- Cleaning the windshield cleaners
- Excessive blade wear etc.

In a rainy day if the windshield glass gets dry when driving through a long tunnel, the wiping velocity may reduce to protect the motor and blade. It will return to its normal state, after passing through the tunnel.

In case of overload the wiper motor that the function adjusts speed automatically in vehicle. This feature prevents damage to the wiper motor and blade. In case of removal overload conditions, it will return to its normal position. By the pressure of the wind at high speed wiper blades can be moved upwards. This prevents damage due to wiper motor overload by the pressure of the wind.

Operating the wiper blade and wiper switch operates normally, it will return to its normal position.

When the operation of the passenger’s side wiper blade is limited by accumulated snow on the cowl top cover, operating angle of the driver’s side wiper blade will be reduced to avoid collision between the wiper blades. Operating under a reduced angle, the driver's side blade stop position will be different.


If you do not remove the snow and/or ice before using the wiper and washer, it may damage the wiper and washer system.

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