Kia Carens: Cooling System / Radiator Components and components location

Kia Carens RP (2013-2018) Service Manual / Engine Mechanical System / Cooling System / Radiator Components and components location


1.  Reservoir tank
2.  Overflow hose
3.  Radiator upper bracket (RH)
4.  Radiator upper bracket (LH)
5.  Mounting insulator
6.  Radiator upper hose
7.  Radiator lower hose
8.  Radiator

Cooling Fan Repair procedures
Removal and Installation Cooling fan assembly 1. Remove the engine room under cover. (Refer to Engine And Transaxle Assembly - “Engine Room Under Coverâ ...

Radiator Repair procedures
Inspection Radiator Cap Testing 1. Remove the radiator cap, wet its seal with engine coolant, and then install it on a pressure tester. ...

Other information:

Kia Carens RP (2013-2018) Owners Manual: Headlight (Low, High Non-HID Type)

Follow the steps 1 to 2 from the previous chapter. 3. Remove the headlight bulb cover by turning it counterclockwise. 4. Remove the socket from the assembly by turning the socket counterclockwise until the tabs on the socket align with the slots on the assembly. 5. Pull the bulb out of the socket. ...

Kia Carens RP (2013-2018) Service Manual: Description and operation

Description System Operation Typically, lane departure warning is activated at a speed over 60 km, in case of unintentional lane departure when driver do not operate turn signal. System Operation Conditions 1. User Conditions (1) ...

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