Kia Carens: Using a child restraint system / Securing a child restraint system with “ISOFIX” system and “Top tether Anchorages”

Kia Carens RP (2013-2018) Owners Manual / Safety features of your vehicle / Child restraint system / Using a child restraint system / Securing a child restraint system with “ISOFIX” system and “Top tether Anchorages”

ISOFIX is a standardised method of fitting child restraint systems that eliminates the need to use the standard adult seat belt to secure the child restraint system in the vehicle. This causes a much more secure and positive location with the added benefit of easier and quicker installation.

An ISOFIX child restraint system may only be installed if it has vehicle-specific or universal approval in accordance with the requirements of ECER 44 or ECE-R 129.

There are ISOFIX symbols located on the lower portion of each side of the 2nd row seatbacks. These symbols indicate the position of the ISOFIX anchors for child restraint systems. Both rear outboard seats are equipped with a pair of ISOFIX anchorages as well as a corresponding top tether anchorage on the back side of the back rest. The ISOFIX anchorages are located between seat cushion and back rest, marked with the ISOFIX icon. For installation, child restraint system ISOFIX connectors have to engage with the vehicles ISOFIX anchorages (listen for a CLICK, check potential visual indicators on the child restraint system and cross-check by pulling). Child restraint systems with universal approval to ECE-R 44 or ECE-R 129 need to be fixed additionally with a top tether strap connected to the corresponding top tether anchorage point in the back rest.

The installation and the use of a child restraint system has to be done according to the installation manual, which is provided with the ISOFIX child restraint system.

(1) : ISOFIX Anchor Position Indicator (Type A- ,Type B- )

(2) : ISOFIX Anchor

For stable and safe installation of child restraint system, adjust the seat position (seat-back angle and/or seat forward and backward) so that your child can fit in the child restraint system in a comfortable manner.


Install the child restraint seat after reclining the seatback.

Reclined 10 clicks (slightly pull up the recline lever) rearward from the first locked position.

❈ first locked position :

Is a position when the seatback is unfold to the first locked position from the fully folded seatback position (almost the upright position).


To secure the child restraint system

1. To engage the child restraint system to the ISOFIX anchor, insert the child restraint system latch into the ISOFIX anchor. Listen for the audible “click” sound.


Do not allow the rear seat belt webbing to get scratched or pinched by the ISOFIX-seat latch and ISOFIX anchor during installation.

2. Connect the top tether strap to the corresponding top tether anchorage and tighten it. (Refer to the previous page.)


Securing a child restraint systems with top tether anchor system
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Suitability of each seating position for ISOFIX child restraint systems according to ECE regulations
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