Kia Carens: Seat Electrical / Seat Heater (Non-Air Ventilation) Schematic diagrams

Kia Carens RP (2013-2018) Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Seat Electrical / Seat Heater (Non-Air Ventilation) Schematic diagrams

Circuit Diagram
[First Row Seat]

[Second Row Seat]

Seat Heater (Non-Air Ventilation) Components and components location
Components ...

Seat Heater (Non-Air Ventilation) Repair procedures
Inspection First Row Seat 1. Check for continuity and measure the resistance between terminals. Connector A ...

Other information:

Kia Carens RP (2013-2018) Service Manual: Head Lamps Description and operation

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Kia Carens RP (2013-2018) Owners Manual: Low tire pressure telltale

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