Kia Carens: ISG (Idle Stop & Go) System / Components and components location

Kia Carens RP (2013-2018) Service Manual / Engine Control / Fuel System / ISG (Idle Stop & Go) System / Components and components location

Components Location

1. Battery Sensor
2. Brake Booster Vacuum Pressure Sensor (BBVPS)
3. AGM Battery
4. DC DC Converter [200W Type]
5. DC DC Converter [400W Type]
6. ISG OFF Switch
7. Alternator   
8. Starter
9. Neutral Switch
10. Clutch Switch
11. Door Switch
12. Seat Belt Switch
13. Hood Switch   

1 . Battery sensor
3 . AGM battery
2 . Brake Booster Vacuum Pressure Sensor (BBVPS)

4 . DC DC Converter [200W type]
5 . DC DC Converter [400W type]

6. ISG OFF switch
7 . Alternator

8. Starter
9. Neutral switch

10. Clutch switch
11. Door switch

12. Seat belt switch
13. Hood Switch [LHD]

ISG (Idle Stop & Go) System

Description and operation
Description Idle Stop & Go (ISG) function automatically switches off the engine when the car is at a standstill and the clutch is not operated and starts it again as soon as ...

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